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Backpacks and Messenger Bags For Carriers of Any Age

Backpacks are an important extension of each child, teenager or college-bound student's style. Finding a backpack or messenger bag that suits the carrier while finding a reasonable price tag can be difficult. With a visit to Sears, you are guaranteed to find both.

Even without setting foot inside a Sears location, the right Messenger Bags and Backpacks are well within reach, thanks to Sears. A few simple clicks can find the decorative design your enthusiastic student wants to carry with them throughout another year of school. Popular cartoon characters and television personalities, favorite sports teams, skulls, flowers and peace signs are some of the many themes also easily found for your very particular shopper.

In addition to popular decorations and affordable pricing, the various designs of both messenger bags and backpacks are available. Small messenger bags, which provide more storage room than the average purse while minimizing the bag's total size, are available. In the backpack category, rolling backpacks and the more conventional shoulder riding variety are both waiting for the right student to carry them away.

Head out to visit your nearest Sears location today. The right backpack or messenger bag is waiting for you.