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Sears encourages you to recycle your used televisions and other electronic devices. Some states require that consumers recycle their electronic devices. Other states strongly recommend that consumers recycle their electronic devices. Please review the list below to see if you state requires or recommends recycling. Follow the link provided to the websites for requirements, and where to recycle.

These states have passed regulations requiring consumers to recycle electronic devices. Information on the websites discusses what devices require recycling and where to recycle your devices.

California Minnesota Rhode Island
Colorado Missouri South Carolina
Connecticut New Hampshire Vermont
Hawaii New Jersey Virginia
Illinois New York Washington
Indiana North Carolina West Virginia
Maine Oklahoma Wisconsin
Maryland Oregon  
Michigan Pennsylvania  

These states strongly recommend recycling electronic devices and provide guidance on where to recycle in their state.


Arkansas Kentucky North Dakota
Delaware Louisiana Ohio
District of Columbia Massachusetts Tennessee
Florida Mississippi Texas
Idaho Montana Utah
Iowa Nebraska  
Kansas Nevada