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Instant Utility Rebates

Save money instantly with Sears Instant Utility Rebates, powered by EcoRebates

Many local utility companies offer rebates when you purchase an energy efficient product. With our Instant Utility program, you can authorize Sears to apply and redeem your eligible rebate and we deduct the rebate off of your balance due at the time of purchase.

Rebate eligibility varies by product SKU and/or by ZIP code. A product SKU may be subject to different rebates or no rebates, depending on the purchase or delivery ZIP code.

How to Find Rebate Eligible Products

  1. A ZIP code is required to find Instant Utility Rebates. You can either log into your Profile or enter your location in the main header.
  2. Select the "Instant Utility Rebates" filter in the left hand Narrow By column of the site.
  3. Select a product to get more information on the rebate available.

Mail-In Rebates

Applicable rebates are accessible from product result pages and product pages. They are also sent to you in your order confirmation email. You can get more information on each rebate from the product page of the website during the rebate promotion period. Rebates are occasionally sent with outgoing packages from our warehouses.

Receiving your rebate

If you meet all of the purchase requirements, you can expect to receive your rebate in the number of weeks listed on the rebate submission form.

Rebate Status

Please call the phone number listed on the rebate form or access the website listed on the form if applicable.

Sending in your rebate form

In order to ensure that your rebate is processed as quickly as possible, check for the mailing address on the submission forms that you received at the time of your purchase. Please keep copies of all documentation that you mail in.

Rebated items purchases online or over the phone

If you made your purchase online or over the phone you are still eligible for a rebate. Your packing slip or email notification that you received with your order can be used as the receipt.

The UPC code and where to find it

The UPC code is a barcode found on the box or the product packaging, not on your rebate receipt. It is a row of black vertical lines. Beneath the lines there is a single digit number out to the left and a single digit number out to the right. In the middle there is a series of numbers. This barcode is also the manufacturer's proof of purchase.

The serial number

The serial number is usually located on the back or bottom of the product. It is a series of numbers that may be preceded by "SN" or "S/N".